A poem for you

I watched the one person that was never supposed to hurt me

Choose everything but me

Over and over and over again

And it broke me.

A stolen childhood

And twisted memories

I watched as the devil wrapped his arms around you

The alcohol consumed your mind

And when it did

Somewhere in your twisted brain

You thought it was okay

To wrap your hands around her

And whisper broken words

Into her ear

And we cried helpless

Every single time

Broken glass

And hidden lies

The neighbors could never know

I watched as the devil kissed your cheek

The drugs ran through your lungs

Sending a chill through your mind

Was the high worth it?

The sweet relief

Was it?

Losing everything

Over and over again

Re-living the same nightmare

Cause we just didn’t want to believe

That it wasn’t us

It was always you

You fucked me up mentally

And the clock can’t be turned back

But maybe one day you’ll see

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